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1. Name a popular book series that you didn't like:

Twilight will always be my answer to this question. There are other books in series I hated more than Twilight, but I've completed the Twilight series so I felt it fit this question better than other books. I will say that I've grown a lot since I read this series. So, while I still hate these books, I can appreciate that they are the reason why the YA genre has grown to what it is now.

2. Name a popular series everyone seems to hate, but you seem to love:

Obviously, Vampire Academy has its fans, but lately I feel like people have been dragging this series. I feel like it's because they don't like Richelle's more recent books, so they feel the need to crap on VA as well. This series ended years ago, and the ending STILL sticks with me. I bought The Last Sacrifice the week it came out and loved everything about it.

3. Name a love triangle where you didn't like who the main character ended up with:

I'm not going to have the "Team Gale" or "Team Peeta" conversation today. I don't really have a preference between either of the guys, because I wish there was no romance at all. I get why it was there, but I still didn't like it.

4. Name a popular book genre you rarely reach for:

My two least read fiction genres are probably contemporary and historical. I've included pictures of books in both of these genres that I've read and loved, and The Book Thief is my favorite book of all time. So, clearly, reaching out of my comfort zone can be a very, very good thing.

5. Name a popular book character that you do not like:

Jace from The Mortal Instruments series. I hate him so much. I probably would have enjoyed this series a lot more if he wasn't a part of it. Oh well.

6. Name a popular author you can't seem to get into:

I had to read Ender's Game for two separate classes in college. This is supposed to be OSC's big novel, but I didn't really like it. The story was fine, but I couldn't get past Ender starting the novel at the age of 5. Plus, I just didn't like him as a character. I enjoyed the side characters, but not Ender. For the record, no OSC's personal beliefs had no part in my disliking of the novel. I'm pretty good about separating the author from their work.

7. Name a popular series you have no interest in reading:

I remember this series making its rounds when the NA genre was starting to take off. I heard it started as One Direction fanfiction. I don't have anything against fanfiction, but I don't like One Direction. Plus, I'm not really in the space to read a rocker romance blah.

8. Which book-to-movie adaptation is better than its source material:

I know this book has controversies surrounding it. As someone with disabilities, I honestly wasn't too bothered by how ablest the book was. Of course, I can see how people would be bothered, so the criticism is definitely necessary. I was really quite bored with this book. I didn't find it that compelling compared to other contemporary books I've read in the past. I did enjoy the movie. It might be because the movie sucked a couple of hours out of my life versus a few days. It could also be because I had a previous fondness for the actors involved. It was a solid adaptation so if you're curious, and you aren't bothered by the ablest tendencies, watch the movie. Skip the book.