Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

So I've been wanting to read this book for a while just because it has to do with Faeries and I've loved faeries ever since I was a child just because I grew up with Tinkerbell. Well scrap that thought of dainty little Faeries with pixie dust and think of the most hideous creature in the world and multiply that look by about 100. They are about the size of a normal human being, yet they are deformed in some of the worst ways. Their bodies are disperportioned or they're too skinny much like an anorexic person. Although there are some beautiful ones (Keenan and Donia) but they are from the high up in the courts so it's kind of a blessing for them to be so beautiful. This book was definitally interesting and it was nice that the story was told from various points of view. I know other authors are/were looking to taking that path from previous books ** but I like how it's all in one book so you don't have to wait for a whole nother book to tell you how the other person/people felt. The only thing that i didn't like about the different view points is how it sometimes took me a while to think of who was talking (Keenan, Ash, or Donia). The book is lacking in action. Most of the book is pretty much Keenan stalking Ash. The only real fight or battle that occurs is at the end and it's depressingly short but I guess it isn't a book that was really built up to a big fight. Although with all the things that occur in the book (passionite and vengeful) I thought there would be enough rage towards the end of the book to make for a bit more of a scene. As for the characters themselves you had pretty much 4 main characters, Ash, Seth, Donia, and Keenan. I liked a lot of things about each of these characters, but a big thing that i didn't really like was how similar they were to each other. Ash and Donia were very much alike in their stubborness, strength, determination, and loyalty to the ones that they loved. and in the same way Seth and Keenan were similar in how protective they were towards their loves and how willing they were to accept one another when it was thought to be unthinkable within the Fey. The only main difference between the 4 characters is that Seth and Ash were mortals and Donia and Keenan were Fey. Of course there were other characters in the story but they were merely side characters (Irial-the leader of the dark fey, and Leslie-one of Ash's friend have their own book in Ink Exchange). This story brings up a whole new meaning to the phrase "forbidden love". when people hear that a lot of people think of Twilight and the vampire/human romance, but I think this book gives you a much better image. One thing I really liked about this book is that the romance was obviously there but Marr didn't shove it down your throat and make it unbearable. It was actually really sweet and it took a while for the romance to be acknowledged by the characters. Back the the "forbidden" part of the love is where Donia and Keenan come in. Donia is what the Fey call a "Winter Girl" which is pretty much a girl who is tested to see if she is the Summer Queen and fails so she has to bear an endless cold until the next girl is tested. Keenan is the Summer King who is searching for his forever Summer Queen to help him unlock his true power and truly be able to rule over his fey. Keenan and Donia love each other which is pretty much impossible to act on. It's mentioned in the book in one of Donia's thoughts. "Summer and Winter must clash. We'll never be able to...but to try." This makes me think of the current climate and how the seasons have been a bit backwards lately. Now imagining if this love works and the seasons mix up even more could screw up the climates even more and the end of the world could possibly occur. It is shown in the book that the Summer and Winter Fey pretty much control the weather. That transition brings the book to a real world situation which is actually kind of nice for me because it helps me to think of more positive things that are causing the climate changes. not to make the dangers of it less daunting, but to make living with it more bearable. Overall if you're big into fiction and you want a good read that has just enough romance in it then i would suggest you pick this one up. Also as a plus for me personally, there is a 3 volume manga series out or coming out soon that has more insight into the Summer Girls that choose not to take the test to be Summer Queen and since I love reading manga as well as novels it was nice to see that. I may have to look for those next time I go to a decent book store. My rating for this book is 4 1/2 stars. I don't like Keenan too much so his character was a pain to read about. Other than that he was a fabulous story that you must pick up.

** just as a sidenote when i wrote that part about different perspectives i was thinking about Stephanie Meyer who was going to write Midnight Sun which was pretty much going to be Twilight in Edwards view. i can understand why she didn't add that stuff in the original Twilight since Twilight itself is over 400 pages i believe. i heard recently that she was only going to release Midnight Sun if her fans would not nag her about it for 2 years. i'm not a fan of Twilight but even if i was i probably wouldn't want to read Midnight Sun just because it would pretty much be the exact same as Twilight except for the parts where Edward complains to anyone that will listen about how irresistable Bella's blood is and how awful it is that he can't read her mind.