Video Games: Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) and Pokemon HeartGold (DS)

I was debating on whether or not to do this review, but I figured since I've still got more than halfway to go in Sunshine that my blog might benefit more if I posted a review on something. Anything.

Let's start with Galaxy since I've actually finished that game. Overall it was a great game. I can see why some people would have it as their favorite Mario game now. First you play as Mario. Yes I said "first". Overall getting the stars are pretty easy though I did need help from a friend on a couple of them. There are some really frustrating ones like the races against Cosmic Mario and the secret star in Dreadnaught Galaxy. There was much screaming and much frustration. A big plus is after you beat the first galaxy you get introduced to comets. Some of these are really easy and some are really frustrating. Comets can change many things within a world such as giving you a time limit, racing Cosmic Mario *shudders*, or only letting you have one bit of life while doing a level so if you get hit it's all over. After you beat Bowser a new Purple Comet will appear which means that you have to get 100 purple coins scattered throughout a level in order to get a Power Star.

If you successfully get all 120 Power Stars and you beat Bowser again then you unlock Luigi. Yeah. So now you get to play as Mario's brother and do the same thing. All. Over. Again. It wouldn't be so bad except Luigi has a problem with sliding. He tends to slide. Alot. Oh dear yes. Again some stars are easy and some are much more difficult than they were with Mario. If you successfully get all 120 stars with Luigi and beat Bowser again then you get to see how many times you died as each character. When I played as Mario I got in the two-hundreds. When I played as Luigi I managed to stay in the hundreds. I am very excited for Super Mario Galaxy 2 which comes out later this year. You get to ride on Yoshi!

I grew up on Pokemon so getting one of the new remakes was a no-brainer. The change in graphics are stunning and I love how you can have a Pokemon follow you throughout the game. I caught Ho-oh so watching it follow me is hilarious. Though when I first got this game I forgot how much I suck at Pokemon. Yes. I do. Currently I'm stuck training so I can lay a beat down on the Elite Four. Yes I'm stuck. Don't give me that look it's been years since I've played this game. So yes this is an incomplete review, but I'll probably do a short follow-up after I beat it.

One thing that I really didn't like about the remake is that the Kimono girls that you battle in Ecruteak in the original games are different this time around. You constantly encounter them around Johto and you don't get to battle the 5 until later (yes you get Surf on your first visit to Ecruteak by saving one of the girls from a Team Rocket member). Another thing I didn't like is that after you get all 8 Johto badges you have to fight Ho-oh. Yes you HAVE to. You either have to fight and kill it or you fight and catch it. Otherwise you can't go to the Indigo Plateau and you can't go to Kanto. I caught it in my Master Ball just so I could keep the story going. Hopefully I will like everything else that I see in this game.

My current team:
Quagsire Level 53
Haunter Level 51 (I don't have a friend with SoulSilver so I can't get Gengar)
Ampharos Level 45
Typhlosion Level 50
Ho-oh Level 52
Pidgeotto Level 18 (I only have him in my team for Fly)

I recommend these games for anyone whether they are newbies to each series, or veterans.