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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sunshine by Robin McKinley

Okay so this book was really good. Not the best book I've ever read, but certainly one that everyone should pick up. The story was wonderful. I like that vampires, werewolves, and witches were out in the open because that helps to keep the story flowing between humans and vampire interaction. Like when people get attacked in the middle of the night people already know that a vampire probably did it. I enjoyed all of the characters as well. Sunshine was a kind character. She truly cared for the people closest to her. Though there was some parts about her that were really annoying. She seemed really whiny. After she and Con actually got to talking about fighting Bo he would leave her for days at a time to go do stuff to prepare, yet Sunshine always wanted him with her. And if he didn't show up then she would complain about it, or she would worry about him and then tell herself that she shouldn't worry about him because he's a vampire and that it is unacceptable for humans to worry about vamps. She just appeared really needy and whiny to me.

Usually I read YA books, but this was a very refreshing break. In most YA books when the write wants to demonstrate the main character's boring life they feel that they actually have to take you through a few days of the MC's boring life. Even if nothing really changes. That's why even if some stories are really good in YA, there are still a few slow spots. Whereas in this book Robin skips ahead about a week just stating in a page or 2 that Sunshine's life is unchanging between going to work and going home.

Something I really didn't like though is the relationship between Con and Sunshine. Even now I'm not quite sure that they even have a relationship. Other than this one part where they kind of almost have sex there doesn't seem to be any real romantic connection between them. Throughout this entire book I was trying to figure out what was between them, then at the end I was really left scratching my head. Maybe she just found a new sort of trust for vampires and that's what it was about. Who knows.

Overall 4/5

I will be looking out for Robin's books in the future.