Updates and such

So next week I'm going to upload a video everyday Monday-Friday so you guys can take a look at some stuff in my room. Y'all can get a little look in my life this way.

Day 1-My old bookshelf with my classics/feel good books, fantasy, and some Children's books.
Day 2-My new bookshelf with my YA, Children's, and Adult books.
Day 3-My manga/Japanese/random desk.
Day 4-My hat which I decorated myself and it is just full of awesome. You will see why.
Day 5-Concert merch, music posters, and my senior book.

I would have done this earlier, but with finals being this week and the fact that I am getting over a cold it just wouldn't work. Anyways I hope you enjoy these videos when I upload them.

Edit: Okay so this week is going to be kinda busy with me recovering from a cold plus I'm going out of town so I'll be doing this week long thing probably the next week.