Concert Review and Promotion for Some Cool Dudes

Okay so first off I went to a concert on Tuesday to see HIM at the beach. I'm going to put a little something about each band that played that night so you guys can decide whether or not to check them out.

Drive A-The singer looked like he was 15 and he didn't seem to control the crowd very well. He seemed to realize that too because he eventually got into the crowd to try to get them to start a mosh pit. I thought that they sounded okay, but I really didn't like the singer's voice. It sounded like he was making some weird screeching noise that got annoying after a while. They were the only band that played last night that did not seem to fit in with the others. They appeared to be a punk band, whereas the other groups there were melodic, goth rock bands.

Dommin-These guys were really good. If you're a fan of Voltaire then you'll like them. Their set was really good and they played well. It was a huge step up from Drive A.

We Are The Fallen-If you're a fan of Evanescence then you will really like these guys. There is a guitar player from Evanescence in this group, and the singer is an American Idol castoff (Carly Smithson). This was another band that I was very impressed with.

HIM-Yeah so of course the headliner band was fantastic. If you don't know who HIM is then go check out their myspace because Ville has the best voice that I have ever heard in a male. There may be a better singer out there, but I think it would take a lot to beat him. He sang some of his hits like Join Me In Death, Funeral of Hearts, Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly, and Killing Lonliness. He also sang some songs that I didn't recognize so I'm guessing they came off the new cd. Check out all of these guys and see what you think.

Now for promotion!!!

Today starts the Mother Marathon hosted by The Speed Gamers. TSG are a group of people who play video games for charity. I'm sure that sounds stupid to some people, but at least they are doing something they love and they are making something of it. The charity for this even is Susan G. Komen. They have also done events for charities to help those with diabetes and autism. They play other classics such as Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and Metroid. These are really cool people so go check them out and see if you want to donate.

Be warned though if you check out the chat there will probably be some Chugga Fanboys there. Chuggaaconroy is a really popular Let's Player on youtube (he is actually how I know about TSG) and he is playing the second game in the series. People often ask to see his face because he is a very mysterious guy. When they did the Pokemon marathon he came on screen only for a few seconds in a mask so people are very curious about him so the chat might be hard to read as it will be flooded with similar comments to the following:
"Chugga do the epic 'NO'!"
"Chugga I love you!"
"Chugga can we see your face?"
"Will Chugga commentate?"
"When will Chugga be playing?"

Go check them out too if you wish. :)