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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Daughters of the Moon 5-9 by Lynne Ewing

5. The Sacrifice

So I was kind of put off by books 5-7 so I was surprised I kept reading. It's not so much that they were bad, but The Sacrifice focuses on Stanton which I'm not that fond of because it's called the Daughters of the Moon series and Stanton isn't a daughter. It was a pretty good story, but I wasn't quite sure if he was with Serena or not.

The Lost One kind of bothered me because Tianna was introduced late in the series, and I thought they were going to have to redo everything for her that was done for Vanessa in book 1, but it was executed well enough that it didn't annoy me too much.

Moon Demon only bothered me because through the entire book Vanessa was obsessed with Hector. I don't really like Vanessa to begin with so it was actually pretty hard for me to finish this book.

The 2 books that I really enjoyed reading was Possesion and The Choice. I just thought both were sad, beautiful, and done very well. I especially love the end of The Choice. I'm just curious to see how she finishes off the series. I'm not going to jump in and finish these books for a while just because I think I need a good break before I finish them off. I think I'm kind of burnt out from reading these books so I just need to read some other stuff to get my drive for the series back. They're really good books and I do very much want to finish them, but I think for the sake of these reviews I should take a break. For this set though I give 4/5

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