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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Emotional Struggle by Brandon Ryan

Synopsis: This book is my honest attempt at confession-a huge confession, requiring everything that had been lodged in the chambers of my soul to aid in expression. Drawing them out, I have broken the locks that kept my deepest thoughts stored away. This book means so much to me, but I know my stories. I feel them, just as you must living with yours. Yet this is just as much for you as it is for me. I typed this entire book with my left hand, solely the first finger of my left hand; it was for you. The Emotional Struggle has been a dream of mine, and it has been nearly three years in the making. It started with a year of writing everyday trying to perfect what was going to be a chance to inspire people; to understand that no matter how bad life can be at times, there is always a way out. And life can get better. But in order to get better, in order to leave the past behind, you have to fight. You have to hold your head high and know that there is a purpose for breathing at this very moment. There is always an open invitation of grace waiting for you in the pierced hands of a man who gave himself up for all humanity.
Review: Wow. If you want to read a book that is powerful in it's message then pick this one up now. I've talked to Brandon a few times on myspace and I knew he had a book out, but getting my hands on it was a bit of a challenge so before I actually get onto the review I want to say thanks to The Fiction Enthusiast for ordering this book for me. I was so happy that I got it.
Anyways I knew before I even read the book some of Brandon's story. He has CP (Cerebral Palsy) and on top of that he deals with the struggles every person has to deal with (school, family, relationships). He takes us on a journey through his life starting with his very first surgery and ending with compiling this book. One thing I will say is that while this is not a book just about God, Brandon does talk a lot about his relationship with God and how God has helped him with his trials in life so if you're open-minded about religion then by all means read this book, but if you are very set in what you believe and don't want to read anything else then this book is not for you. Brandon is an extrodinary person with a wonderful story to share and one thing that he stresses is that everyone has a story whether they believe it or not. That is something that I love because I want to remember that with everyone that I meet. He doesn't try to sugar-coat himself either. He's very honest with the fact that he wasn't a very nice person in school and he refers to high school a number of times. There are just too many good things for me to say so I'm going to end with a few quotes and a huge desire to share this book with you. 5/5
"We have to realize that we are stronger than we believe, that all things are possible, and nothing is ever impossible with God. We have to believe that we are something beautiful and not ugly. We have to believe and understand that there are going to be things in life that are, in fact, beyond our control and logic. We have to learn not to beat ourselves up for things we've done. That will only get us further away from freedom. And we don't need to be further away; we need to walk, run, leap, and even dive towards freedom."
"You really do matter. I can't stress that enough. It isn't okay to be trapped in a self-perception based on what someone else has said to you. It seems so small, but yet it's epic."
"The slightest thing can trigger awful memories. Sometimes, it seems tedious to think optimistically, because healing seems impossible. And while forgetting about the past is feasible, the hard part remains not wanting to just lie down and die when things get difficult. But we pick up the shovel and dig far enough to extract the unhealthy holds. After all, that's how we become free."
Of course if I wanted to be really awful I could take off major points for his taste in music. Limp Bizkitt and SlipKnot?? Really? Korn I can handle, but the other 2? *sighs* He did make up for it though with Chevelle because Chevelle=win.