The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong

Summary: After years of frequent moves following her mother’s death, Chloe Saunders’s life is finally settling down. She is attending art school, pursuing her dreams of becoming a director, making friends, meeting boys. Her biggest concern is that she’s not developing as fast as her friends are. But when puberty does hit, it brings more than hormone surges. Chloe starts seeing ghosts–everywhere, demanding her attention. After she suffers a breakdown, her devoted aunt Lauren gets her into a highly recommended group home. At first, Lyle House seems a pretty okay place, except for Chloe’s small problem of fearing she might be facing a lifetime of mental illness. But as she gradually gets to know the other kids at the home–charming Simon and his ominous, unsmiling brother Derek, obnoxious Tori, and Rae, who has a “thing” for fire–Chloe begins to realize that there is something that binds them all together, and it isn’t your usual “problem kid” behaviour. And together they discover that Lyle House is not your usual group home either…
Review: Well now I understand all they hype that Kelley's books get on Rath. This story was so good. I felt like I was a fly on the wall watching the happenings going on in Lyle House. I don't know that I have ever read a ghost book so I'm not really sure that I can compare it to any other book that I've read. The end made me so sad. Grrrrrrr.
I liked the characters for the most part. Chloe was a much better character after she got over the "I'm not crazy. I swear to God I see ghosts" stage. I think that in the later books she will be a much more interesting character now that she doesn't have to prove to the readers or herself that she's crazy. I liked both Simon and Derek so I'm not really sure who I'm rooting for right now. Even though Derek appears to have that abusive, controlling attitude he's actually a really chill character. Yeah Tori annoyed me in a big way. Rae kind of did too. She made me think of the little sibling that likes to tag along everywhere. If you're looking for a really good story then pick this book up. I just got The Awakening today so I'm going to dive into that as soon as I can.


Kate said…
Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really enjoyed all of the Darkest Powers books. I cant wait for her new YA series with all new characters! :)