Read-a-thon Update 1

I'm almost done with Lover Awakened. That's all that I was able to read, but I'm pretty happy because it usually takes me a while to read adult books. I imagine all the YA books I plan to read will go by much faster.

I participated in a mini-challenge as well over at I Just Want to Sit Here and Read! Kate asked us to attach a song to a chapter that we read during the marathon and this was my answer:

1. I just read the chapter when Bella calls Zsadist weak, and I can hear Riot by Three Days Grace in the background.

2. Lover Awakened by JR Ward (Chapters 36-37)

3. Zsadist wants to "ahvenge" Bella, but Bella says he is weak. She didn't mean it in a "he can't take care of me way". She only meant that he needed to feed.


Lori said…
Thanks for signing up!! I hope you have fun and get lots read!!
Candace said…
I think that's a great song for that chapter! I remember that part well and it fits perfect!
Thanks for participating in the Read A Thon!