Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Summary: In a land that has been at war so long that no one remembers the reason for fighting, the shapeshifters who rule the two factions agree to marry in the hope of bringing peace, despite deep-seated fear and distrust of each other.

Review: I have a soft spot for shapeshifters so I was happy when I finally decided to start reading this series. I loved Amelia's Den of Shadows series, and this series has a strong start as well. I really liked the idea of the prince and princess of two opposing sides mating because of the tension that stretches during the story. Of course it is expected that the pair put aside their differences and learn to work together to make everything work. I was a bit concerned though because halfway through this book nothing significant happened. Danica and Zane are together for some time, and everybody was pretty okay with them being together. For some characters it took some getting used to but there were no assassination attempts, and other characters kept commenting how safe Zane and Danica are. That all changed though when someone does attempt to take the life of them. Actually there are a couple attempts. This was a solid start to a series I am very much looking forward to finishing.

4 howls