Snakecharm by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Summary: ZANE COBRIANA, COBRA shapeshifter, thanks the gods every day for Danica, his hawk pair bond, and the peace their union has brought to the avian and serpiente. Soon, Danica will have a child to carry on their royal line. But what should be a happy time is riddled with doubt.

Syfka, an ancient falcon, has arrived from Ahnmik claiming that one of her people is hidden in their midst. The falcons are more powerful than the avians and serpiente combined, and Syfka shows nothing but contempt for Zane and Danica’s alliance. To Zane’s horror, his own people seem just as appalled as Syfka is by the thought of a mixed-blood child becoming heir to the throne. Is Syfka’s lost falcon just a ruse to stir up controversy among them? The truth lies somewhere in their tangled pasts—and the search will redefine Zane and Danica’s fragile future.

Review: I think I liked this book more than Hawksong simply because this one goes more in depth of what struggles Danica and Zane faced now that they are mates. Their solution of what to do for the baby was creative and it sort of showed how Wyvernhail came about. I was quite interested in the falcon clan and I expect Falcondance to give more insight to them. I found the search for the falcon to be pretty predictable. It wasn't bad, but it was predictable. I'm sure my opinion of these books will only get higher as I read the rest of this series.

4 howls