Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (movie+spoilers)

I had a huge problem with how Half-Blood Prince was made into a movie, but after a lot of encouragement from friends I decided to give movie-makers another shot. Boy am I glad I did. This movie definitely did the book justice. There were some minor differences and I really wished they had introduced Bill into the movies before this one, but overall it was really good. The scenes they took from the book were mostly on key. Of course some parts had to be condensed like when Harry, Ron and Hermione waited and observed the Ministry of Magic in order to sneak in. That entire part of the book took a bit of time, but they shortened it well for the movie. I also loved how they incorporated Dobby in this movie. He was always a secondary character, but I hated how he was neglected after Chamber of Secrets. Even the smallest moments with Dobby had the greatest impact. The end when he was stabbed was especially tragic after having all these refreshing memories of such a light character. I loved the dance scene! That and the scene with Harry and Hermione at the Potter's grave are tied for my favorite. No the dance was not in the book, but I think it was a great way of showing what a fantastic friend Harry is. I thought it was beautifully done and I have no problem with them adding that into the movie. The two scenes that made me want to cry the most were both towards the beginning. The first was when Hermione wiped her parents' memories. Reading it in the book didn't bother me, but seeing her images disappear from the pictures around the house was especially hard to watch. I've always respected Hermione for being proud of being muggle-born, but I never realized how much I cared for her as a character until that scene. The other scene that was difficult to watch was when George and Lupin came to the burrow and George's ear was cursed. The twins are my second favorite characters so to watch Lupin stumble into scene while supporting George was rough to watch. I'm sure part 2 will be extremely sad for me because of the final battle. There were some little details that were wrong, and there were some things I would have liked to see but they didn't include them. It was still a fantastic movie and I most certainly look forward to part 2.

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Sandy said…
I agree with you movie 5 and 6 were really disappointing but movie 7 made up for it. I loved this movie and I think its my faovurite out of all of them. It was dark, sad and very intense and I loved it. I didn't even nitpick until after it was over and there was really only one thing and it doesn't bother me all that much.

The scene where Lupin comes to Grimmauld Place and tells Harry Tonks is pregnant, I would have liked to have seen that but I can live with it because the rest of the movie was so good.

I also loved that we got to see Hermione's parents, the beginning was perfect and the dance scene was so touching :).

Oh and I agree I would have loved to seen Bill before this movie, he's so cuuute ^_^.