Covet by J.R. Ward

Summary: Redemption isn't a word Jim Heron knows much about-his specialty, both personally and professionally, is revenge, and to him, sin is all relative.

Vincent Di Pietro has surrendered himself to his business-until fate intervenes in the form of tough-talking, Harley-riding, self-professed savior, and a woman who will make him question his destiny.

Review: I haven't read a J.R. book since I finished Lover Mine and it was very nice to get back into her writing again. I really enjoyed the direction this series is going, but it restricts her to writing only 7 books in this series. That's okay if she only wants to write 7, but I guess it just seems weird to me because in her BDB books she can keep introducing more characters and writing more books about them.

I liked Jim a lot even though I'm not really into the whole "tough guy" thing. I thought he was a great character with a lot of potential. I liked Marie too. I loved every scene she and her son were in because you can tell she is a really great mother and she would do anything for him. Vincent was actually a decent character too and I though even he didn't deserve some of the crap that happened to him throughout the book. I guess that's what makes the story so good though. I hope Jim comes across these characters again in a future book.

4 howls