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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Dark Divine by Bree Despain

Summary: Grace Divine—daughter of the local pastor—always knew something terrible happened the night Daniel Kalbi disappeared and her brother Jude came home covered in his own blood.

Now that Daniel's returned, Grace must choose between her growing attraction to him and her loyalty to her brother.

As Grace gets closer to Daniel, she learns the truth about that mysterious night and how to save the ones she loves, but it might cost her the one thing she cherishes most: her soul.

Review: After some constant pushing I finally got around to buying this book. Then, after many other books, I finally got around to reading it. This is one of the instances where I have to call myself an idiot for waiting around this long. The story this book provided was fantastic and the characters were great. I definitely had a bit of a thing for Jude. I liked that the characters were preacher kids. I know a few of those and it's always interesting seeing bits of them in characters you read about. I thought Grace was very likable, but I did feel bad for Jude. He might be my favorite. And the end? Oh wow. I felt even worse for Jude then. I don't want to say much more for fear of spoilers, but definitely check out this book. Now I have to get the money to buy The Lost Saint.

5 howls