Sleeping in Parking Lots by Joe Lengson

Summary: Follow Joe Lengson as he experiences heart break and struggles with the acceptance of faith. Learn how Lengsons life changed as he joins mychildren mybride. Experience all the struggles Joe faces out on the road. Read about how Joe learns about himself and learn about yourself along the way.

Review: There are 2 things I'm not a huge fan of: non-fiction and metal. The first can be fixed by easing myself into the world of non-fic as I've been doing. I don't see much helping the second. This is the story of a guy named Joe who was asked to play bass for a Christian metal band. A friend told me to read this book and I figured, "Why not?" This book is more than just about a guy who found God. It's about inspiration too, and dealing with crap when you don't have your usual support system around you. Dealing with new struggles as they come, and old struggles as they resurface. I'm having a hard time writing a review for this book because there is so much in it. I can't possibly limit it so just a few words. This only happens when I find a really good book and this has only happened with a few books. It was a comfort knowing that someone else has struggled with prayer. That is currently one of my biggest issues with God. I'm so used to being let down and I'm afraid of not getting prayers answered because I don't want to be let down again. I have 2 favorite stories. The one about Sunshine because that was just amazing, and the one about the woman who offered to put the band up for the night because that was hilarious. I can't say much else, but this book was incredible. I loved it very much. Here are a few quotes I took to heart:

"I once head this story of a guy who wanted to change the world. So he wnet out and tried to change the world, but the world was too big and he was unsuccessful. So he tried to change the nation, but the nation was too big and he was unsuccessful. So then he tried to change his state, but his state was too big and he was unsucccessful. He then tried to change his community, but his community was too big and he was unsuccessful. He then tried to change his street, but his street was too big and he was unsuccessful. He then tried to change his family, but his family was too big and he was unsuccessful. So then he sat and contemplated for a long time and finally concluded he should try to change himself...And he was successful.

When he changed himself he became an example, then he changed his family. His family went out and then changed his street. His street went out and changed his community. His community went out and changed his state; his state went out and changed his nation. Then finally his nation was such a good example, that they changed the world. It all starts with one person. You."

"To trust in something, is expsoing your vulnerabilities and only hope your openness will not be taken advantage of."

"Listen, I know there wer days you wanted to die. It happens. We all have had that feeling. You might know what I was going through, if you do, well I'm sorry, but it's not the end of the world."

"My heart one minute was shattered, then the next minute, I can feel it being mended back together. I knew somehow things were going to be all right. This is where my journey began."

I think those are the only quotes I'm going to put up, but there are so many more. Check this book out.

5 howls