Tanner's Scheme by Lora Leigh

Summary: A one-time high-ranking member of the Genetics Council, Scheme Tallant's father will stop at nothing to see the Feline Breeds eradicated.
Even if it means killing his own daughter...
After the Breeds' main base is attacked, Tanner Reynolds desires revenge—and knows just how to get it. In a bold move, he kidnaps Scheme Tallant and takes her deep into the Kentucky mountains.
Yet when Tanner discovers that Scheme herself is a target of her father's ruthless mission,
his vengeance must take a backseat to saving the life of the woman he hopes to claim as his mate.
But can Scheme trust Tanner—
or is she just a pawn of his passion and ploys?

Review: I was told before I even picked up one of Lora's books that she wrote erotica.
I think this book proves that very much. I can't say for certain, but this might be one of her dirtier books. For a good portion of the book, Tanner and Scheme are alone together in a hiding spot of Tanner's. With no where to go and no one to talk to they had a lot of sex. It didn't take away from the story though. It was written very well so you could see Scheme's walls crumbling as she got closer to Tanner. The most interesting part I think came when Cabal is brought into the picture. Tanner starts to wonder if Scheme is not his mate, but Cabal's. Of course she is Tanner's mate, but after reading this story I am very interested in reading Cabal's book.

4 howls