Seduced by the Wolf by Terry Spear

Summary: Fascinating aspects of real-life wolf behavior based on extensive research on how wolves live in the wild make Terry Spear's werewolf paranormal series stand out and attract a growing audience. The fifth in the series features heroine Cassie Roux, a biologist who has studied wolves for years, trying to prove to the world they're not evil predators. A red lupus garou (werewolf), who lost her pack and was raised by real wolves, she has dedicated her life to their preservation. Leidolf Wildhaven is a red lupus garou pack leader who has more troubles than he ever thought possible, what with running a pack, a ranch, and other businesses. When Cassie—a rare red female— is spotted in his territory, Leidolf figures he's found the answer to his pack's threatened extinction. Only the headstrong woman has other priorities…

Review: I flipping loved this book. I wasn't sure how I would feel about Leidolf's book because I wasn't sure if I really liked his character or not. He was an absolute delight to read. He wasn't too bad as far as alphas go, and let's talk about Cassie for a minute. She was such fun to read. I loved her attitude and the way she handled Leidolf was hilarious. I was actually surprised that I didn't get bored with the beginning of the story because it's Cassie trying to run from Leidolf, but I thought it was done very well and it wasn't dull at all. I thought some of the minor characters were great fun to read about as well. I'm wondering if some of Leidolf's pack mates will get their own books soon. Or, at the very least, be mentioned in later books so we can see how well they are going along with some of their relationships. This might be my new favorite, but I still have to read the rest of the books so that could very well change.

5 howls