Book Blogger Confessions 2

Hosted by Tiger and Karen! Here's the new topic:

Have you ever had reading/blogging slumps? How do you work through them or work around them?

I was in a reading slump quite recently. I didn't want to read much of anything for the longest time. It wasn't because I was burned out from reading. I just didn't want to do it. Then I decided to read the books I got signed from YALLFest this year, and I snapped out of it. Now I'm better, but there are still some days I don't want to do any reading at all. Those are the days I force myself to read because I know it will help.

Blogging slump? Not really. There was a point in time where my laptop was messed up so I couldn't blog much at all. I love to blog though. I love putting my thoughts down about a book I loved/hated. My blog helped me gain a voice and an opinion. I love it so much. I hope I never have a blogging slump.


Unknown said…
We're twins this week! I'm the exact same way--reading slumps definitely happen and I have to work around them and try new material, but blogging slumps are non-existent. I gotta write down my thoughts! :-)
Tales of Whimsy said…
I beat the slump by trying a book totally off my normal reads.
Karen said…
I think anyone who reads as much as most bloggers do will end up in a slump at some point.
It's just when we tie it to blogging that makes it more stressful. If we weren't blogging I can't imagine that it would matter if we didn't feel like reading lol
You seem to have a healthy outlook on the whole thing!