New in the Den (IMM 26)

From Kristi at The Story Siren

I already had Graceling, but I suddenly realized I could buy stuff internationally now so I went ahead and bought the UK cover. I <3 these books!

I won Nevermore from Amelia at The Authoress! I don't have this book in my hands right now, but my mom called me to let me know the book is at the house so I think I'll pick it up when I go visit this weekend.
I won Bitterblue(!!!!) from Jessica Spotswood (author of Born Wicked). There was a lot of squeeing when I won this.

I also won another book, but I like to wait until I actually have books to put them on here. As far as I know, the other book I won hasn't arrived yet. Pretty darn good set of books up there. Mmhmm