Destiny's Fire by Trisha Wolfe

Summary: It's the year 2040, and sixteen-year-old Dez Harkly is one of the last of her kind-part of a nearly extinct race of shape-shifters descended from guardians to the Egyptian pharaohs. Her home and her secret are threatened when the Council lowers the barrier, allowing the enemy race to enter the Shythe haven.As the Narcolym airships approach, Dez and her friends rebel against their Council and secretly train for battle. Not only is Dez wary of war and her growing affection for her best friend Jace, she fears the change her birthday will bring. When Dez's newfound power rockets out of control, it's a Narcolym who could change her fate...if she can trust him.Dez's guarded world crumbles when she discovers why the Narcos have really come to Haven Falls, and she's forced to choose between the race who raised her and the enemy she's feared her whole life.

Review: First off, I got this book for free from Trisha. She was at YALLFest which was a nice surprise. I was standing in line with a friend, I turn, and I see her with Destiny's Fire. Pretty darn cool! I went over and asked if I could buy a copy of her book. You know what happened? She just gave me a copy for free! She said they were having giveaways so I could have a copy. That was pretty great! Thank you Trisha so much! You know what's better than getting a free book, though? Reading the book and loving it!

I liked Dez from the moment she was introduced. Usually it takes a while for a main character to catch my eye, if it even happens at all, but I was taken by Dez immediately. The only thing about her that did bother me was her ignorance when it came to Jace. Take it from a female with a male best friend. It isn't that hard to tell when your "friendship" is changing into something else. I loved, loved, loved the story. I really did. I don't read a lot of steampunk stuff, but I LOVE shapeshifter books. I hope more books like Destiny's Fire so I have more incentive to read steampunk novels. Destiny's Fire has an emphasis on the powers of the shapeshifters. Naturally, Dez excelled at her training. That's one thing about the story I wish had been different. I don't want this to be a spoilery review, so I'll try to make it vague. I wish Dez's training had been more built up. Some trial and error. That might have made readers more anxious, in a good way. If that makes sense. o_O
The only other complaint I have about the writing is Lane/Lana's name. She is referred to as Lane thoughout some of the book, and she's referred as Lana through some of it. I understand giving characters nicknames, but Lane/Lana is a one letter difference. Seemed unnecessary to me. This was a truly great book though. I want more!

4.5 howls


Hmm, this is a new one to me, and I love the cover. Sounds good. Thank you for sharing, and that is way cool of Trisha. :)